Marketing incorporates a wide range of strategies and techniques to help businesses grow. In addition to our work for clients, we spend a great deal of time researching new ideas, technologies and methodologies.

Whilst some approaches are common to every company, every client is totally unique and we start every conversation with an open mind. The majority of our relationships with clients are ongoing. We start by helping you define your objectives and marketing strategy. After that, it's a question of skilled implementation and a flexible response to changing conditions in the marketplace.

As marketing professionals, we're part strategists, writers, art directors and technologists. The most important part of our role is to understand your business and find the most direct route to achieving the best result. Sometimes this involves creating something really elegant and beautiful, and sometimes it means rolling up our sleeves to tackle something challenging and not always glamorous! The following list gives an idea of some – but by no means all – of the services that we provide.

Services that we Provide

Usually we work clients over the long term, but even on shorter assignments, it is critical to understand and define what you need to achieve. We help by formulating objectives into a workable marketing plan and establishing the resources needed to deliver the strategy. Once the plan is underway, we help by regularly assessing progress and working together with you to embrace unexpected opportunities as they arise.

We have worked on dozens of websites from initial planning through to final delivery, including project management, supplier selection, managing design and development, and content population and copywriting. From small, Wordpress sites to hand built, hand coded sites with custom Content Management Systems, we're a safe pair of hands with a strong track record.

A good CRM and Email marketing system represents the backbone of many successful business to business marketing operations. We are happy to analyse your existing set up and to make recommendations to improve results. Email marketing campaigns work better if they are connected to your CRM system to deliver optimal results. We can create automated communications with your target customer base that interact with tailored content on your website to improve performance and give you better visibility of campaign success.  

We've been working in video since the days of tape but are equally excited by the opportunities that new technology presents to do things better, faster, and certainly cheaper. Now that YouTube has changed the world of video and become an important facet of profile raising, link generation and SEO, we're well postioned to help. Our recent projects have included straight-to-camera talking heads and entertaining animated explainer videos which have delighted clients and audiences alike.

Whilst digital communications are important, many companies still find that brochures are a key element of their communications toolkit. Brief us on your company and we will absorb everything you've told us and create a brochure with a strong message that tells a powerful story. We'll work with excellent designers to execute the idea and deliver your brochure in either print or some form of digital technology, whether a simple PDF or a digital folding brochure within your website.

We've considerable experience of what works – and doesn't work – in social media and have practical approaches to creating an effective social media presence. YouTube, Twitter, Slide Share and LinkedIn are particularly effective for trade marketing purposes, but other channels can be surprisingly effective, depending on your business. Either way, we provide a practical and results-driven approach that matches the profile of your company.

We're experienced at organising events, whether they are conferences, an exhibition booth or a sponsorship presence at a major trade event. From Cannes to Tokyo, we've produced amazing experiences for clients in a wide range of interesting industries. 

It's so important to maintain a good relationship with the press, both in terms of print and online media. Good press relations mean a raised profile and influence over the way that your organisation is perceived. We produce press releases, arrange press briefings and can liaise with the trade press on your behalf, delivering news as it arises and growing your company's reputation with customers, investors and potential partners.

You see, we're a little unusual for a small marketing agency. We have been actively involved with augmented reality since 2010 and work with the best technology partners who can deliver both AR and VR to the highest standards.